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Interno Saddle Punch is the specialist in ergonomic saddle stools & taboerets. On all our products you get a two-year warranty. Our Taberets are extremely suitable for intensive use in virtually any work environment. Through our wide range you can choose from different models of taboos at competitive prices.

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A taboo stool, stool aid these are one of the many names used for the taboo. A taboo is a stool on wheels with a round or vaulted seat. Our tabs are suitable for regular and intensive use. Interno Zadelkruk has a wide range of high-quality, high-quality tabourets in the assortment.   Our tabourets are standard with wheels, but you can extend a stool with different accessories. Do you want to know which seat height is most suitable for you? For anyone who strives for a healthy working relationship where mobility is important. This can be of importance at work, but also for home use. Interno saddle stool has delivered crutches to people working in a wide variety of sectors in recent years. Persons working in: - Hairdressers and / or Beauty industry: Hairdressers, hairdressers, beauty professionals, nail stylists Tattoo shop - Production: Tire staff, Production staff, Monteurs - Shop, Reception and Showrooms: Office and Desk staff, Office staff - Schools, Education: Teachers, Nursing Teachers, Musicians - Healthcare: Nursing, Laboratories, Dentists, Opticians, The right choice of saddle stool? All Interno saddle stools are supplied with swivel wheels and height adjustable gas spring. The correct gas spring selection depends on your (working) situation. Below is an overview of the different options of gas springs. TYPE OF GASVE SITHOOGTE Gasveer S 37 - 42 cm Gasveer M 47 - 66 cm worktop height <80 cm Gas spring L 57 - 82 cm For more information about the correct seat height for your saddle stool, you can also contact us by phone. The optimal seat height depends on the work situation and different for each individual. The mentioned dimensions are factory assignment, no rights can be derived from the above. Saddle Pump Options? - Wheels & Caps O dolls O Standard polyamide wheels O Stable wheels, metal housing O Rubber wheels For more information, see Accessories for WHEELS

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